A Vintage Clip

Good morning, friends!  I am so sorry that I am a bit late with my post this morning!  I normally like to post Mondays and Wednesdays by 9AM, but I may have spent a little too much time on Mother's Day lounging around instead of getting prepped for the week!  So today I will just keep it short and share one of my very favorite clips.  It is of Soheir Zaki, who I just can't watch enough.


Isn't she beautiful?  This clip is under two minutes, and I am not entirely sure that the video and audio are synced properly, but it is still just so beautiful - I just love the way she dances and her sweetness.  I feel like you can really just enjoy yourself the she is dancing, do you know what I mean??

I hope you enjoyed that and I wish you all a Happy Monday and a Happy Week of Dancing!