Wednesday Inspiration: Nemat Mokhtar

Todays inspirational clip is in glorious black and white.  I just love her costume, the grace with which she carries herself, her sensuality and her JOY, which shines through her movements.  

I hope this helps to get your Wednesday off to a good start!

Nemat Mokhtar dances in a scene from the 1956 Egyptian film 'Kafeya ya Eyn' (Dry Your Eyes aka No More Tears كفاية يا عين) which starred the two men at table, two of the best 'baddies' in the business, Mahmoud al Meliji and Stefan Rosti. Also starring were Kamal al Shinnawi, Zeinab Sedki and Magda.

This video is from The CaroVan Vimeo Page, which I cannot recommend highly enough for her amazing rare clips paired with very informative captions like the one above.  She has done the dance a great service by creating this archive and I love spending time on her page because I aways learn so much about the classic Egyptian films, actors and belly dancers.

Until next week, Happy Dancing!

xo Alisa Greer