Wednesday Inspiration: Azza Sharif

This is one of my all-time favorite clips of any dancer.  I love how she is so graceful yet grounded somehow all at the same time.  She has beautiful, simple arms, lovely carriage- and notice in this and any other clip you see of her how she is always dancing on her toes, as if she were wearing heels but she's barefoot.  She is an incredible dancer and there are far too few clips of her.  

I love her costume here too.

Azza Sharif in the Egyptian Film Where to Start the Story

I have another beautiful clip of Azza Sharif in this older post.

And just a reminder that my Tuesday and Thursday morning classes at CY Danceworks resume this month on Tue 8/23!  You can come one or both days.  More class information on my Learn Belly Dancing page or you can always contact me directly too- I am happy to answer any questions.

Happy Dancing

xo Alisa Greer