Taheya Karioka (كاريوكا‎ تحية)

Happy Summer, Dancers!  Today, a short clip of the classic Egyptian belly dancer Taheya Karioka (كاريوكا‎ تحية) - her name is also sometimes spelled Taheya Carioca in our alphabet but it is the same lovely dancer.  

I chose this clip for her sweet and simple style and because I never tire of watching her.  For me, she is one of the ultimate dancers both to aspire to in my own dancing but also simply to watch and enjoy.

This is Taheya Karioka in a wedding scene from the 1942 Egyptian film “Dreams of Youth” (أحلام الشباب Ahlam al Shabab). She plays the part of Bahia, a dancer who tries but fails to make Farid al Atrache fall in love with her, In this scene she’s hired unknowingly to dance at the wedding of Farid and Elham played by Madiha Yousri. Everything goes along fine until she realises who the groom is. The bride’s aunt is played by the wonderful Marie Munib who’s on the left of screen with the feather in her hair.

The caption below the video is retained from The CaroVan, a site I am so grateful for!  One day I hope my Arabic will allow me to understand the films better, until then I am indebted to the The CaroVan.

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More news about registration for my Fall 2017 classes in the weeks to come but if you can't wait until then, I am available for private lessons throughout the summer.  And if you want to immerse yourself in a wonderful belly dance extravaganza, mark Carnival of Stars on your calendars- details about when I am performing on my Shows page but go anytime you can and you will see wonderful dancers and get thoroughly inspired!


Happy Dancing!