Shu Shu Amin (شوشو امين)

Here is a really cute performance by Egyptian belly dancer Shu Shu Amin (شوشو امين).  I wish there were more clips of her online!  I love how her performance here manages to be both high energy and yet subtle.  And I love her beautiful musicality too!

This is bellydancer ShuShu Amin performing in a scene from the 1979 Egyptian film ‘Sa’aktob ismak ala al ramal’ (I’ll Write Your Name in the Sand’ سأكتب اسمك على الرمال ). ShuShu Amin only danced in three movies and if you’re a dancer, you’ll wish they’d spent more time filming ShuShu and less time focusing on the actor Ezzat El Alaili looking shifty and/or murderous. The film also starred Nahed Sherif and Samira Said.

The informative caption is from The CaroVan, where you can always lose yourself and hours of time in amazing belly dance videos!

There is more information about Shu Shu Amin here on the Serpentine website.

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Have a great week!