Beautiful Veil Dance

I want to share this clip today because it beautifully illustrates some of the movements we have been working on in both Beginning and Intermediate classes. The background here is very simple, making it easy to focus on her movements. Students will see many familiar movements and hopefully notice her beautiful way with the veil and how she travels through the space- all things we have been talking about.

Egyptian Belly Dance Legend Taheya Carioca

The dancer here is the beloved Egyptian belly dance star Taheya Carioca (as always, there are different ways of spelling it in English, given how Arabic works). This is a clip from later in her career. She has retained her grace and musicality and it is a lovely way to see how the basic movements of belly dance can be put together into a mesmerizing performance. I hope you find it inspirational!

* * *

Just a reminder- Registration is open for the Summer Session of belly dance classes at the South San Francisco Parks and Rec. Classes will run from July 10th- August 7th and you can register online anytime through their website. Registering early is always the best :)