Saidi Performance with Leila Farid

One more quick Saidi performance today as we will continue working with our Saidi routine tonight in class. This is the beautiful Leila Farid, an American belly dancer who lived and worked in Egypt for many years before returning the the US. She dances in a classic Egyptian style and I could watch her for hours!

This clip shows a belly dance Saidi performance in more of a nightclub setting, rather than a stage setting. Notice that it is more about a feeling of playfulness and fun and about involving the audience, rather than whirling the cane around at breakneck speed.

Leila Farid Saidi Performance at the teacher`s party of the Bellydance Camp Negum Cruise (Egypt, Luxor-Aswan, 23-28/01/2013)

If you missed it, I shared some clips that illustrate the progression of Saidi style dance from Tahtib to performance last week, and the week before I shared a favorite clip of a Saidi belly dance routine by the Egyptian belly dancer Lucy.

* * *

It was great to see some students at Carnival of Stars last weekend! I was lucky in that I got to attend both days and it was lovely to connect with so many dance friends, see some great performances, shop a little bit and just get inspired by being immersed in belly dance. I’m looking forward to talking about it in class tonight.

And then finally, I will be performing at El Morocco in Pleasant Hill on Sunday, July 28th. This is a live Arabic music and belly dancing show and it is one of my favorite things to do. Hope you can come!

Casbah Night at El Morocco this Sunday, July 28th!

Casbah Night at El Morocco this Sunday, July 28th!