Wednesday Inspiration: Hiyatim

I am sorry it has been so long!  It has been hard to keep a regular blogging schedule with my kids out of school.  But I am so excited about my blog's redesign and really looking forward to getting back on track.

Egyptian Dancer Hiyatim

Egyptian Dancer Hiyatim

Today's inspirational clip is the beautiful Egyptian dancer Hiyatim.  She is dancing a lovely beledi in this one.  

I especially want to point out the way she dances to the drummy part at the end.  It's very different to how a modern Western style belly dancer would dance it.  She is not going crazy just because the drum is strong, and it is a very different effect.

I love her dancing and I hope you enjoy this one!!

The start of the clip is too cute :)

Baladi dance, from Al wahsh Dakhel al Ensan (1981) directed by Ashraf Fahmy.

As always, Happy Dancing.  If you would like to hear some gorgeous l i v e Arabic music and see some belly dance, our First Friday party at Tannourine is this coming Friday, 7/1.  Complete details are available on my Shows Page.

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xo Alisa Greer