Taht El Shebak

This is an extra little bonus post this week, covering some of the things we talked about in Wednesday night class.  Of course, anyone is welcome to read it :).

Egyptian Dancer Taheya Carioca

Egyptian Dancer Taheya Carioca

Taheya Carioca and Taht El Shebak

We danced to the classic Egyptian song Taht El Shebak ("Under the Window") and I mentioned that there was a lovely old Egyptian film clip with legendary belly dancer Taheya Carioca dancing to it.  Here it is!

Dina and Taht El Shebak

And then I mentioned that Egyptian belly dance legend Dina had made this song one of her signatures.  There are many, many clips on Youtube of her dancing to it.  Here is one from the 90s, with her singer Fatme Serhan, who we also talked about.

Dina and Fatme Serhan, New Year's Eve 1994, performing Tahtil Shibbak

Taht El Shebak is a beloved and popular song to this day.  It is a very good one for dancers to know!  You can see a translation of the lyrics and link to some different versions of it here.

I hope you all enjoyed that, and I will see you next week!

And a last little note :)  Both Taheya Carioca and Dina are among my favorite dancers, and I've featured clips of both of them before.  My post on Taheya is here, and there is a gorgeous clip of vintage Dina from the 80s here, and a more modern clip that I also love here.