Wednesday Inspiration: Taheya Karioka

Well, I realized the other day that I have been blogging for several months, and Taheya Karioka has yet to appear.  That must be fixed at once :)

Egyptian Belly Dance Star Taheya Karioka

Egyptian Belly Dance Star Taheya Karioka

If I had to choose one favorite dancer, it might be her.  But I hope I am never forced to choose just one!

Egyptian Belly Dancer Taheya Karioka

Egyptian Belly Dancer Taheya Karioka

I am going to show two clips instead of one, since they are both quite short, and since I should have featured her much before now.

My love of headdresses comes straight from her!

I hope that added a little glamour to your Wednesday.  Taheya was such an accomplished and musical dancer, but she also illustrates just how much a dancer's warmth and personality matters over drill-like technique.  Everything about her is relaxed, easy and charming.  

This last clip also illustrates how much skimpier the costumes could be back in the old days.

This has turned into a bit longer post than usual.  My Wednesday posts are usually just one quick clip to get us through the week.  But she deserves it and I hope you enjoyed it.

Happy Dancing as always.