Wednesday Inspiration: Soheir Zaki

This is one that I looked up after taking a class with my teacher, Amina.  We were talking about dancing to Oum Kalthoum song (as we often do), and she mentioned that there was a clip of Soheir Zaki dancing to Amal Hiyati, and I was dying to see it.  

So here it is in gorgeous black and white, I really liked it and I hope that you enjoy it too!

Soheir Zaki dances in the 1966 Egyptian film 'Al Abeet' (The Idiot العبيط). As well as dancing Soheir Zaki has a leading acting role in the film which starred Farid Shawki (the surprised man in the audience), Nahed Sherif, Samir Sabri, Madiha Kamel and Abu Bakr Ezzat. The guitarist is the late Omar Khorshid. (Film description from the CaroVan)

A reminder on classes: they are starting up again for fall!!  My morning San Mateo classes have started, and you can drop in anytime.  Each class is independent.  And registration is now open for my evening classes through the South San Francisco Park and Rec.  All the details are on my Learn Belly Dancing page and you can also contact me!  I love hearing from students and potential students.  And really anyone who wants to talk about belly dance :).

xo Alisa Greer