Wednesday Inspiration: Dandash

Last week at Amina's performance class we were watching clips of Dandash.  And that of course made me want to come home and immediately watch even more clips of Dandash :).  Which I have done.

And I have chosen one of my favorites to share here for Wednesday Inspiration.  This one shows everything I love about her: the strength and precision of her movements, her incredible musicality and, most of all, her personality and playfulness.  This is what makes her great.


Dandash dancing with Safaa Farid's Band and her sister Nura singing

This is not the first time I have featured Dandash (and it won't be the last).  Here is a vintage clip of her dancing to Alf Leyla w Leyla that I shared earlier this year. 

And just a reminder that my Wednesday evening belly dance classes through the South San Francisco Park and Rec start tonight!  There is still time to register at

Beginning:     6:45-7:45PM, Course Code 162798
Intermediate: 7:45-8:45PM, Course Code 162800

These classes are very affordable and lots of fun, so please check them out if you would like to give belly dance a try.  As always, contact me with any questions :)

Happy Dancing,

xo Alisa Greer