Samia Gamal (سامية جمال)

Hello Friends!

Today I have the most wonderful clip to share of Samia Gamal, found during my time spend on one of my favorite websites, The CaroVan.  I would watch her videos 24 hours a day if I could.  Her site is like heaven.  

This is an interesting find because I do not often see clips of the Egyptian dancers doing drum solos.  But here she doing one and it's wonderful!

Samia Gamal performs a rare drum solo in a scene from the 1954 drama ‘Al Wahsh’ (The Monster/The Beast الوحش). In this film she plays the dancer-girlfriend of a thug who terrorises a small town in rural Egypt. He’s 'The Beast' of the title and is played by Mahmoud al Meligi at his most sinister. The hero of the film, a police officer sent to put an end to The Beast’s tyranny, is played by Anwar Wagdi. Trivia: Suleiman al Gendi who plays the part of the police officer’s young son is in this scene sitting on the ground next to Omar al Gizawy. Suleiman al Gendi reappears 9 years later as Sami in the 1963 film ‘Umm al Aroosa’ which starred Tahiya Karioka.

The caption is retained from The CaroVan Vimeo Page, her information about Egyptian cinema has taught me so much!  

And, just because she is so beautiful, here are a few glamorous stills of Samia:


I hope that was a healthy dose of beauty and belly dance this week :)

And just a reminder, the Spring 2017 session of my belly dance classes through the South San Francisco Parks and Rec Department start on March 29th - Registration is open now!  Details below :)

Spring 2017 Belly Dance Classes in South San Francisco with Alisa Greer

Spring 2017 Belly Dance Classes in South San Francisco with Alisa Greer