Safinaz (صافيناز‎‎)

Into the modern era today with two clips of the belly dancer Safinaz.  Safinaz is the stage name of  Sofinar Gourian, who is actually Armenian (like me!).  But her father is Saudi Arabian and I have been told that she speaks Arabic very well.  She is very popular in Egypt after being featured as a dancer in Egyptian films, but her career has not been without controversy.

Two clips because she is a dancer that has bears looking more closely at than you might originally think.  The first clip is from a film and is the kind of thing that made her famous, as I understand it.  Her bouncing chest, in other words.  But if you can look beyond that, I think she has a playful, fun quality that is incredibly engaging.  As for the music in this clip, it has a mahraganat sound, and you can see the fellow with the knife, too.  I have an older post about that if you are interested in learning a bit more.

The second clip shows Safinaz dancing to a live band at a wedding or large party.  I feel these clips show a little different side of her dancing.  She still has the bouncing and hair flips, but she also shows a depth of musicality, emotion and connection to her audience.  

I really love watching her and I hope you enjoyed those.  Just a reminder that you can still register for my belly dance classes through the South San Francisco Park and Rec.  Details on the flyer below or you can always contact me too!

Belly Dance Classes with Alisa through the South San Francisco Park & Rec!

Belly Dance Classes with Alisa through the South San Francisco Park & Rec!

Happy Dancing!