Egyptian Belly Dancer Lucy

Hello Belly Dance Lovers!  I have missed my blogging and my vintage clips of the glamorous days gone by and I am excited to be back with a gorgeous clip today.  This is the Egyptian Belly Dance star Lucy performing to the classic Oum Kalthoum song Lissa Fakir.

Her clips are always beautiful to watch!  I think that Lucy was probably the first Egyptian dancer that I ever saw.  As many of you know, my mother and aunt were both professional belly dancers in the San Francisco Bay Area in the belly dancing heyday of the 70s.  I grew up watching and loving the American Cabaret style of belly dance that was performed here at that time.  I didn't know anything about the dancers of Egypt and the Middle East until a documentary about Lucy by National Geographic aired on American television.  I can remember watching this for the first time and sitting as close to the TV as possible so as not to miss a detail.  I was utterly fascinated.  I know many dancers who have been dancing a long time will remember this show and the excitement of seeing a real Egyptian dancer if you had never been to Egypt.

The documentary is still available to view and still very much worth watching for Lucy's dancing as well as insight into the dance and culture.

Documentary of Egyptian belly dancer Lucy part 1

Documenttary of Egyptian belly dancer Lucy part 2

Noted dancer and writer about dance Shareen el Safy wrote about Lucy and about this documentary in Habibi Magazine, an article that is also still very well-worth a read.

And finally, if you can't get enough of her (I can't!) be sure to check out this stellar Lucy performance that I featured last year.

I hope you enjoy your Lucy fix :)  Thanks for reading and Happy Dancing!

xo Alisa Greer

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