Lucy's Saidi Tableau

Last night in Intermediate we were dancing to a song that quoted a bit of Saidi music and we did a some Saidi-inspired movements. I told my students that I would play a clip of belly dance Saidi so they could see some of the things I was talking about.

Long-term readers may remember this clip because I’ve played it before. It’s a classic performance by of one of Egypt’s most famous and most beloved belly dancers, Lucy. I hope you enjoy it. I love everything about this.

Lucy and her orchestra with singer Raafat, at a party for actors .

I will share more Saidi clips next week as we will continue to work on this in class!

In the meantime, I also recommend this past post I wrote about the Egyptian belly dancer Lucy, which features more clips of her dancing in different styles. Her feeling and musical interpretation are so beautiful to watch.

Just a reminder that Carnival of Stars is right around the corner! Two days packed full of belly dance, with performances on two stages, live music, shopping and food. It’s a wonderful experience if you can make it. I am performing on Saturday, July 20th at 4:50 PM to live music on the Cafe Stage and again on Sunday, July 21st on the Main Stage at 1:20 PM. But you will see great performances any time you go. Be sure to get a program so you can know who is performing when. Let me know if you have any questions about this fantastic festival!

I look forward to seeing everyone next week!

xo Alisa

Wednesday Inspiration: Lucy

Today's Wednesday inspiration clip features Lucy.  I think she is one of everybody's absolute favorites.  She is an excellent dancer and she radiates charm and happiness, you just can't stop watching her!

Egyptian Belly Dancer Lucy

Egyptian Belly Dancer Lucy

Before we get to the clip, this photo is from a wonderful article about Lucy from the Best of Habibi online archive.

And now on with the show.  I just love the dancing boys and all the pink!!

Lucy and her orchestra with singer Raafat, at a party for actors .

I really hope that you enjoyed that and I wish you Happy Dancing for the rest of the week!  And just a little reminder that my San Mateo morning classes start next Tuesday, May3rd.  Details here, I'd love to see you there.