Casbah Night At El Morocco

I am very pleased to be part of Khalil Abboud’s Live Music and Belly Dance Show this Sunday, June 23rd. I recommend this show to both those who know and love Arabic music and dance as well as those newer to the scene- beginning and intermediate students of belly dance who’d like to experience a live show :).

If you’ve never been there, El Morocco has beautiful ambience. You feel like you’ve entered another world as soon as you walk in. The food is delicious and it’s a really fun night. The band always plays extra songs for group audience dancing and this is an easy way to get up and try dancing to live music in a zero-pressure situation if you’ve never done it before and are dreaming of performing one day.

I hope you can join us!

Khalil Abboud Presents Casbah Night at El Morocco

Khalil Abboud Presents Casbah Night at El Morocco

Summer Belly Dance Classes

Hello Dancers!

Just a quick update this week to let everyone know that the Summer Session of belly dance classes at the South San Francisco Parks and Rec starts next Wednesday, June 20th.

Summer Belly Dance Classes.jpg

Beginning Bellydance is from 7 - 8 and Intermediate is from 8 - 9.  Classes go through Wednesday, July 25th and there is no class July 4th.  You can register online through the SSF Parks and Rec in plenty of time to join us for a fun summer session.  Let me know if you have any questions.

And then for something completely different :).  I got to perform at Al Masri last Sunday with Nazir Latouf and the Al Masri Passion Band and my lovely friend Joumana took a video so I thought I would share it here.  The musicians are Musa Sababa on keyboard, Nazir Latouf on the oud, Reda Darwish on tabla and Linda Grondahl on backup percussion.  The music is incredibly beautiful - we are so lucky to have these musicians in the Bay Area and I encourage everyone who loves belly dance and Arabic music to come out and enjoy one of these nights!

Al Masri Passion Band and Alisa Greer

I hope you all enjoy the music and I wish you a great week!